1. What pre-requisites are needed for Calculus 30?

Math B30 must be completed prior to taking this course, but Math C30 can be take at the same time as Calculus.

2. What software is required for this site?

Software that is needed to use this site is as follows:

Software Type
Program Symbol
Don't Have It?
Internet Explorer 6+
Adobe Acrobat
Macromedia Flash Plug-in

3. How are the files formatted?

The files come available for viewing in four ways:

File Type
this format opens in a web browser (ex/ Microsoft Internet Explorer)
this format opens the file in Microsoft Word
opens requested file in Adobe Acrobat (download for this program is available above)
"rich text files" open in any word processor available on your computer.

4. What is the best setting for my monitor for this site?

This site can be viewed in any monitor setting, but for optimal viewing, it may be best to have the monitor resolution to 1024 x 768. This setting can be found in 'Properties' after right-clicking on your desktop.
Last Modified: February 3, 2006
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