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  • In September of 2001, the development of this site originated as a project sponsored by Saskatchewan Learning. The
    initial developers were two high school mathematics teachers, Christine Shulson of Gull Lake School Division and Brent Chadwick of Red Coat School Division.
  • During the 2002-2003 school year, with the continued sponsorship of Saskatchewan Learning and the Gull Lake School Division, Christine Shulson completed revisions and continued the development of this site.

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  • Many graphics on this site were taken from two free graphics download sites; ( ) and Microsoft Design Gallery Live© ( and are used in
    accordance with their agreements.
  • Many animated graphics on this site were taken from Animation Factory ( and are
    used in accordance with my membership agreement.
  • The flash animation concept for my coursemap page was taken from the site
    developed by Murray Bourne.
  • Disclaimer: I have done my best to ensure that all materials are copyright free. If you have any questions or concerns,
    I will deal with them in a timely manner.