Online Course Introduction

The Online course will require a great deal of independence and self motivation from the student. This is the most difficult math course prior to calculus, but on the plus side, there are many fewer assignments in this course that in Math A30 and B30. Following are a few requirements and suggestions for the math course.


1. A copy of the Math C30 text...if you do not have one available at your school you may purchase one from

Saskatoon Public School Division
310 - 21st Street East
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 1M7
Phone - (306) 683-8200
Fax - (306) 683-8207

2. Use of a graphing calculator. Recommended are TI-83+ or SHARP EL-9600C, others will be acceptable also.

3. Time to commit to completing the course...expectation is 100 hours of work.

4. You need an email address that can handle attachments. An email address will be created for you when you register for the course.

5. Access to a scanner or a fax machine is necessary to hand in quizzes and assignments. Exams can be faxed or mailed.

6. A computer with Internet Explorer, Version 4 or higher.


1. Access to a student, or preferably a teacher, that is familiar with this material to assist you in quick questions. An online teacher will be available for you, but not necessarily when you need them.