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Vector Addition


Click on the "Java Cup" below to view this applet. This applet deals with forces exerted on a body (assumed as point-sized). You can vary the number of single forces by using the choice box at the ride side. It is possible to change the sizes and directions of these forces (blue arrows) by dragging the arrowheads to the intended positions with pressed mouse button.

If you want to know the total force which is exerted on the body, you have to carry out a vector addition. As soon as you have clicked on the button "Find out resultant" the program will show you the necessary parallel translations of the force arrows and then draw the arrow of the resultant (red). The construction can be cleared by a mouse click on the lower button.

Physics Java Applet

Vector Addition Questions:

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  1. What method was used to determine the resultant vector?
  2. Determine the resultant using 2 forces. Using 5 forces. Will this method work for any number of forces?
  3. Using 3 forces, drag each so that one will be size x, the other 2x, and the third 3x. Make the angles between the vectors approximately 120. Sketch the addition diagram and the resultant vector.







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