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Kinetic Energy - Questions II.3.1

    1. Determine the kinetic energy of a 1200 kg roller coaster car that is moving with a speed of 15 m/s.
    2. If the car in part a) was moving with three times the speed, what would be its new kinetic energy?
  1. A 2.0 kg boulder is dropped from a height of 5.0 m. What is the kinetic energy of the boulder as it hits the ground?
  2. A 12.0 N object has kinetic energy of 275 J. What is the speed of the object?
  3. How much work must be done to accelerate a 0.20 kg hockey puck from 11 m/s to 17 m/s?
  4. A 3.0 kg box was lifted vertically and then dropped.
    1. How much work was required to lift the box 75.0 m?
    2. If the box was dropped from a height of 75.0 m, what would its kinetic energy be just before it reached the ground?
    3. What would its velocity be just before it hit the ground?
  5. A 0.25 kg hockey puck is traveling at 18.0 m/s.
    1. What is its kinetic energy?
    2. In order to achieve a velocity of 18.0 m/s, how much work was done?

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